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Hillewaere Vastgoed

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    • Melis Yalcin in 2023 via Google
      • + Nikolaas Maene (real estate agency Gent Centrum) has always helped us in a professional manner, we could always contact him with questions and he answered our messages immediately. We liked this very much. The legal department was also very accessible, they were ready to inform us about the compromise. A very positive experience! Definitely recommended
    • Fat B in 2023 via Google
      • - I have responded to several homes. These were all rental properties. Houses are in different locations such as Turnhout, Poppel, Hoogstraten .... Submitted via the website for viewing. Unfortunately you don't hear anything for a while. We were able to make an appointment for a viewing of 3 homes. And of all homes I received a phone call before the viewing date with the announcement that the home has already been rented out to other candidates, while I have a viewing appointment. This is really a pity!
    • Lana De Clercq in 2023 via Google
      • + Very good and honest broker! Nikolaas Maene sold my apartment in no time at a fair price. Hillewaere real estate was always there for me with advice and advice. Selling a property was completely new to me, but this went smoothly and I didn't have to do anything myself. Definitely recommended!
    • Pascal Baelen in 2023 via Google
      • + Smooth/correct and honest cooperation with real estate agent Nikolaas, even took the time to schedule an earlier visit.
    • Ferry Bastiaansen in 2023 via Google
      • - Not even worthy of 1 star. What a worthless organization. Every time I see a Hillewaere sign in the garden, I spontaneously feel sorry for the people who try to sell their real estate with all the best intentions. After signing the cooperation agreement with Hillewaere, there was actually 3 weeks of radio silence. Our real estate agent Valerie is/was completely inexperienced and did not keep us informed in any way about the steps taken regarding the process of selling our house. Photos were taken and immediately posted online. We couldn't even agree. Then the real estate agent was often later than the viewers themselves and to top it all off, she lets the viewers in through the garage, while we have his beautiful hall as the first entrance. As said, worthless and outrageous that this real estate company has a right to exist at all. They took pictures of the house and put the business online in the hope that a buyer would come along so they could collect the money without any effort. Happy that the 5 months are over and we were able to terminate the agreement early.
    • Pascal Baelen in 2023 via Google
      • + Smooth/correct and honest cooperation with real estate agent Nikolaas, even took the time to schedule an earlier visit.
    • I. in 2022 via Google
      • - After a positive viewing, we were promised everything... we could rent it without any problems if we could communicate before a certain deadline how we would draw up the contract. We did this. After that no hearing. In the end we were told that it could be rented if we rented before December 1, because he already had other tenants that he had promised and the contract was already ready. Then we promised that we would rent it sooner than Dec 1st. Again nothing. Then he himself said that we could rent it if he didn't hear from the other people before a certain date. The next morning we were told that we could assume that we could rent it. Then suddenly a call that it was canceled, and the other people started renting. As it turned out: the apartment was already promised to those people long before our viewing, but because they didn't make much of themselves, he used us as a second option without us knowing. Because of this we have let go several other places. We have been kept on a leash for two weeks and now we have to look for something else. In my last phone call with him, he was mostly blaming us. He took back things that had been said before and simply said 'no, I never said that'. He was not obliged to tell us that there was already a contract ready for other people, and 'yes, "name", there are always other interested parties and I don't have to tell you that'. I told him that me and my roommate are now getting into a lot of trouble with the short window of time for our own cancellations from previous rentals, and he didn't care. He became increasingly blunt and talked over me. I remained polite throughout the conversation, but at the end I did tell him that I thought he had not treated us nicely. As soon as I said this, the gentleman was silent and did not respond to what I said. He hung up in the middle of the conversation. After that no longer available. This very unprofessional attitude shows the mentality that this company has. I don't wish anyone the unsavory way of doing business they do on potential customers, and their customer-unfriendly attitude. I hope I can spare others this misery.
    • Ross coatings&ventilatie in 2022 via Google
      • - The least that would be expected in return was a customer-friendly attitude. Unfortunately I still hadn't heard from Mrs. Hendrickx on Thursday afternoon, while there had been no viewings after Monday. My patience ran out and I decided to contact them myself. In the meantime I was annoyed and felt bad that I had forwarded my private information. Hillewaere prefers to only sell houses given the good commissions, the rental is apparently serious for the landlord. There were now suddenly 6 candidates while 3 viewings had taken place. She had only heard it this morning (Thursday). I should have been happy if Mrs. me would have called before the weekend. Well what could have been better I wonder now. I feel cheap because of the way this firm's broker has treated me. The Hillewaere real estate company is also no exception. Wild west practices in 2022, hilarious. Mvg, I'm not my BSN.
    • Jan Cools in 2022 via Google
      • + Very recently had contact with Hillewaere and Nikolaas specifically. Friendly and professional. Quick action and response when needed without being intrusive. Due to circumstances we even confiscated a Saturday morning from him, but that was no problem either. All this together resulted in a pleasant purchase for us. Top service, also from the team behind Nikolaas!
    • Ann Van Eupen in 2022 via Google
      • + We are very satisfied with the broker, Redgy Tytgat. He guided us very well towards the sale of the house. He was always punctual, professional and flexible, ready for us at any time. Thank you.
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