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    • Sacha Peltier in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: ERA Nobis - Alken
      • + An agency at the top of the top! Very competent and friendly employees! Very happy with the services I recommend
    • Niels Donders in 2022 via Google
      • + ERA Nobis has helped us tremendously with the sale of our apartment. Always super friendly and good communication. They always remain professional and have a wide reach of potential buyers. Thanks again for the help!
    • Katrien Stevaert in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: ERA Nobis - Alken
      • + Top office! Very satisfied with the service. Correct information, pleasant contact, excellent service.
    • Mariam Barrow in 2021 via Google
      Reviewed: ERA Nobis - Genk
      • - They estimated our newly renovated home at the price we bought it unrenovated. They had all kinds of reasons for that, such as that it would be sold the same day. Luckily we had it estimated by 3 other brokers and they came out $40,000 more. We decided to sell it and added another $5000 and it was sold at the asking price before it was even online.
    • Sonja De Keyzer in 2021 via Google
      • + After a super smooth collaboration and a well-organized open house day, our house was sold very quickly at a correct price.
    • Herman Kenens in 2021 via Google
      • + ERA Nobis (in our case Jan and Karolien) really helped us with the sale of the parental home. Excellent in communication with us. Clear, professional, sincere. And what has made an important difference in terms of sales is their buyer's waiting room all over Flanders, in combination with their Open House Day. strong!
    • Rosetta Cistriani in 2021 via Google
      Reviewed: ERA Nobis - Genk
      • + We have been very well helped in the decision we had to make for 2 apartments at Clarisse on the ground floor, but we are used to a house, so we were unable to continue. Thank you Lisa.
    • davy castellino in 2021 via Google
      • - About five months ago we bought a house through Era Nobis and real estate agent Jens Engels. During the first home visit, everything went great and I even wrote a good review. But what happened afterwards cannot be described in words. Both the real estate agent and the previous owners had sold us a house with extreme hidden flaws without telling us anything about it. We will spare you what we all had to do to make the house moisture-free again. From injection to special coatings have ensured that we are now almost in a new building. But to solve these problems it cost us more than 23,000 euros. Era Nobis did not help us at all in this and supposedly knew nothing about these problems. I demanded a meeting with the owner as well as the real estate agent and the office manager, but no one who felt called to offer a concrete solution. Not even an excuse or feeling of compassion. We are now five months further and our house has become a beautiful home with all the luxury that entails, and above all without moisture problems! We are very disappointed in Era Nobis and think this is simply criminal how they operate. We sold our previous roof apartment with Era Immo Noord in Brasschaat and that was a completely different experience. Very positive and professional. That's why we thought Era Nobis had the same values, but we were totally wrong there. So you see that every office is a completely different world and a different way of doing business. My grandmother always said; "A warned man is worth two!"
    • Veerle Hollanders in 2020 via Google
      Reviewed: ERA Nobis - Genk
      • + A very positive experience in the guidance process to the purchase of our home, thanks to the professional and patient approach of Laurence Vanelst. She is a very friendly, helpful employee, who gave us advice and explanations about our future home in a very pleasant way. Thank you Laurence for this pleasant buying experience. You did a GREAT job!!!
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