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    Edelimmo bestaat uit twee (BIV) erkende topmakelaars, elk met méér dan 20 jaar ervaring, en hun professioneel opgeleid team.

    Edelimmo is uw professionele vastgoed specialist voor aankoop, verkoop en verhuur van bestaand vastgoed en nieuwbouwprojecten.

    Met twee op toplocaties gelegen kantoren, te Sint-Niklaas en Lokeren zijn we actief in de regio groot waasland tot Gent.

    Edelimmo biedt u de professionaliteit en de persoonlijke opvolging die nodig zijn om u een optimaal resultaat te bezorgen.

    Edelimmo begeleidt u dan ook met het volle enthousiasme en deskundigheid vanaf de eerste kennismaking tot bij de notaris van uw keuze.

    “Eerlijk, in Vertrouwen en met de Glimlach”

  • Reviews 37

    • Armine Manukyan in 2022 via Google
      • + One of the few properties that stands out with such professionalism and familiarity. Very satisfied with our cooperation. Philip and Patric helped us to sell our property. Thank you! Highly recommended!
    • Joke Cools in 2022 via Google
      • + As a young couple we were looking for our first home. For us a totally unknown world with many questions. For Patrick and Phillipe, no question was too much. We were also always able to reach them by telephone outside office hours. We have always felt very comfortable during the tour, the explanation and the signing of the compromise. Thanks for everything!
    • Monika Mikulewicz in 2021 via Google
      • - I do not recommend this place !!!
    • Anita Drubko in 2021 via Google
      • - Lack of professionalism, everything looks nice, but when there is a problem with the owner of the apartment, you cannot count on help from the office. I do not recommend this place !!!
    • Elon Musk in 2021 via Google
      • - I warmly welcome. The contract signed by me and your company for the rental of an apartment in Sint-Niklaas, plezanstraat 105. Ends on February 15, 2021. In the middle of January I was in Sint-Niklaas for the rest of my things which I left because I couldn't take everything to Poland at once. Nothing has been damaged in the Apartment. I informed the owner of the apartment from October that I wanted to leave the apartment without any response. After returning for the rest of my things that I left in the flat. I was not allowed into it because the apartment was already rented by someone else, despite the signed papers which clearly show that the contract ends on 02/15/2021. The owner lied to me that all my things were thrown in the trash. This is an insidious lie because I saw my things in the Suite through the window. The total value of things that were stolen from me and my person was treated as ordinary garbage, even though I did not destroy anything in the apartment and I did everything to take care of it as if it were my apartment! February 15, 2021 On that day, according to the signed documents, the contract for renting an apartment ends if I do not see the full amount of the deposit that I made as part of the apartment rental on my account. I will go with the Papers to the Police, the brokerage company, i.e. you. I will describe on every possible portal on the Internet, Facebook for an amateur approach to the matter and treating me like ordinary garbage where I did nothing to deserve such treatment and robbing me! If on February 15, 2021 I will not get my deposit money back as part of my promise not to leave it! I was at the Police in Poland which made me wait until the end of the contract, i.e. on 02/15/2021 If I do not see the money in my Account, I will see you, I will not have fun anymore and it will not be a nice visit. I PROMISE!
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