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Dewaele Vastgoed met Advies

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    • Maha Dib in 2023 via Google
      Reviewed: Dewaele - Veurne
      • + I newly moved to Veurne, i am lucky to ask the Dewaele Agency in Veurne to search for a house for me. I was welcomed and my file treated by Ruben Louwagie. All i can tell that in 15 days, i had my keys and ready to move in. Ruben is a professionnel agent, he understood immediatly my task, and found in less then 10 days the perfect place for me. All the procedures were done also by Ruben, i had only to sign online and move in. I am glad to work with such a professionnel smart and hard working person, i recommend the agency and her agents to all the people moving to the area.
    • Harald from Diepenbeek sold in 2022
      • + Enkel maar positieve zaken te melden over de samenwerking!
      • - Geen enkel.
    • henrik runshaug in 2022 via Google
      • + Danielle and the team have provided excellent, multilingual, professional and kind customer service, as well as great follow up and a nice personal touch. I could breathe easy in their good, competent hands. Warmly recommended!
    • Farah El-Hamrani in 2022 via Google
      • + We had our home estimated and sold by Immogroep5. The entire sales process was transparent and we were always well and fully informed. Behic Kargin was our broker/seller and completed this task 100% quickly and correctly, thank you. For us, it is highly recommended to work with Immogroep5.
    • sara wouters in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: Dewaele - Kortrijk
      • + Those who have been looking for a house for a long time and therefore come into contact with several real estate agents will notice that Yoshi Vandeginste is one of the better ones. He is very active in his sales, well informed and available week and weekend to speak to customers. We bought a house at De Waele and that went very smoothly. Even after signing the compromise, we could still contact Yoshi. We bought a house through the pre-sale concept. By default, the form on which a bid must be submitted states that this is an 'unconditional' bid 'without conditions precedent'. Not unimportant for future buyers who want to protect themselves.
    • Marina Vandendries in 2022 via Google
      • + Our sincere thanks to team Dewaele Middelkerke, in particular to Robin Goossens who guided us in our search for our studio. His professional and friendly approach immediately gave us confidence. Even after the purchase you can still contact him with all your questions. Top team and top seller. Thank you. We definitely recommend this real estate office to everyone. Grtjs
    • Laurette Louwyck in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: Dewaele - Ieper
      • + We started selling without a broker. Got in touch with Charlotte Druant , an acquaintance of an acquaintance. K'was already half reassured. In barely 5 days our villa in Dikkebus was sold for the price we had in mind. The mistrust had disappeared and both we and the buyers were extremely satisfied! Top madam wi! And cheers we're going to sound with the bubbles! Thanks Charlotte! ❤️❤️👍👍 Mighty!!
    • Godelieve Vandaele in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: Dewaele - Tielt
      • + Very good cooperation, information, support, communication, everything went according to plan. Also a special thank you to Elsje Sypre for a decent one guidance with the sale of the farm in the Papegaaistraat in Waking.
    • Valerie Saelens in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: Dewaele - Waregem
      • + Very satisfied with immo dewaele waregem they really helped us for the house in desselgem and thanks to lisa Deleersnyder for the top work you have done. 👌👌👌🔝
    • Lieven Dejonckheere in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: Dewaele - Ieper
      • + Without a doubt, we recommend real estate Dewaele. It is done very professionally. No empty promises. Stijn Soenen was always on time at every appointment, well prepared, very friendly and polite, looking to get the best out of it for both parties. We have had other brokers and can therefore compare well. Steve thanks for your help.
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    • Population that is single Low High
    • Average age of the population Low High
    • Population that is a big family Low High
    • Population that is higher educated Low High
    • Population that is seeking a job Low High
    • Population that is from other origin Low High
    • Average income Income Low High
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