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    • Rebecca in 2021 via Google
      • - We are not only very disappointed but also super frustrated. We bought a house in the Waterberg Hombeek project. First a delivery with a delay of a year and now we are six months after the provisional delivery and still many points are open, we have only just had a driveway and they are working on the carport and garden. Our house was delivered without the outside of the house itself being delivered due to too few finished points (this is possible if you have to pay the full amount, apparently). A report was drawn up by the architect with more than 60 points (crooked walls, convex walls, cavities full of waste, loose tiles, no sealed windows, no bottom-hung window, etc.). We work with unskilled construction workers who have to redo everything 3 to 4 times, who hide mistakes and who have too little control. This results in a very poor finish and a house that lacks something every day. Our façade was re-glued 4 times. Our side wall is convex and at the rear they have made corrections (4 months after completion) to the facade with a different color brick. Problems with our ventilation system and sewerage problems (in the meantime re-constructed). Almost all windows have to be replaced due to heavy damage due to the constant gluing and breaking down of our facade (bricks were thrown against the windows). We also have a sloping staircase (we requested prefab but got a badly poured staircase on site due to communication error between Zabra and contractor, this cost us 1,500 euros more in finishing due to the different dimensions of each step (11cm difference!). leak in the roof, roof tiles that do not connect, the dormer and the window in our facade protrude (not correctly placed), still not all outside windows are sealed from the outside (now 6 months after completion!), the reformer for the solar panels is already broken after 2 months, .... the list is endless and every day more points are added, there has been no follow-up at all, never been! The problem is that everything is paid, but nothing is okay. This house should never have been delivered, but according to Zabra we could not refuse the delivery in this state. All points that are put in order afterwards (months later) are skewed and are not placed correctly (eg dormer panels are skewed and would be placed on rotten wood if I had not assisted and demanded the wooden structure be replaced first). Moreover, for everything you have to email, saw and complain, beg 100 times and then follow up and check it yourself. I have already emailed Zabra countless times (e-mails and registered letters) and I have addressed the main responsible of the yard, but there is only a little further messaging ... I did not pay for this, however. We bought a house "key on the door" for convenience, but we have already had 3.5 years of horror with a lot of stress and sleepless nights. Hours of time that I now invest in encouraging the contractor, emailing every day and following up the points myself. Just a look at our facade (3rd choice bricks that do not lend themselves to be glued) says enough and this is the least of our concerns because it is purely aesthetic. Our house is built too low even though it is said that it is not. Our house is lower than the building plot of the next-door plot. In addition, we have been pointed this out several times by professionals who we had afterwards come outside the project and after completion. The architects have a contractual prohibition to speak to us and are under contract with Zabra, so we shouldn't expect much from that either. You cannot imagine what abuses have been going on here for months and nobody cares about it while the buyer is left behind and has to fight for what he is entitled to. A happy event of a new home has turned into a stressful and exhausting struggle.
    • Bavo Bulté in 2021 via Google
      • - An absolute must if you like poor quality, poor guidance and no respect for deadlines. You should also immediately invest in a lawyer if you choose to build with Zabra.
    • Jérémy Ceulemans in 2021 via Google
      • - To all future Zabra customers I would like to share my objective experience. The delivery of our apartment (Kanaaltuinen project in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw) was 1 year late (expected key collection date: June 2018 - provisional acceptance made in May 2019 but with a series of open points which required work correction until September 2019). I spend the wacky architectural choices regarding the common areas (example - a staircase in the middle of the garage access ramp) and on which the condominium had to involve the firefighters to give a negative opinion in terms of security. We were really able to move in in October 2019. Almost a year and a half later, in March 2021, the final acceptance has still not been signed following a series of still unresolved problems which would nevertheless be easy to resolve if proactive and professional monitoring was carried out by Zabra and its many subcontractors. Our contact person at Zabra has still not responded to our last email in over 6 weeks. Zabra's glaring lack of professionalism is deplorable.
    • pieter Van Nieuwenhuyzen in 2021 via Google
      • - Very disappointed with this firm. No way of clear communication. Zabra works with a structure of subcontractors and therefore has no control over the quality of the work delivered. Moreover, agreed deadlines are happily flouted. I don't recommend it to anyone!
    • Edda ROSSI (Choupette) in 2020 via Google
      • + I bought an apartment in Kraainem almost 7 years ago via the Arthus company, a subsidiary of ZABRA. Apartment paid dearly and built at a low price. All the co-owners are having problems. The most serious is the tubing of the boilers which do not comply. We are forced to break the technical ducts, to replace the chimney casing and even the boiler because, because of the non-compliant casing, the condensates fall back into the boiler and it breaks. All these costs are obviously private costs because the fireplaces are private. The building is the curve bulding, I invite you to come and get information from all the owners we are all unhappy. Before signing, think about it because in the event of problems even under ten-year guarantee, they practice the policy of the ostrich, they do not answer any mail. If you have the money and the time you can hire a lawyer and you will be successful (that's what my neighbor did) but personally I have neither the time nor the money. One word: MEFIANCE
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