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    • H in 2022 via Google
      • - Sale of a new construction apartment. White house next door is skewed. Roof finish with vapor problems last summer without a rainy period then, camouflaged with slats to be laid and a fabric underneath so that the damp absorbing vapor cannot be seen. Also looking at the roof of the white house, there is a green dust that the builders put and left there. The slats on it are already rotten. If you are interested in this duplex in Aarschot, be sure to take out comprehensive insurance for life because that white house will also have to leave at some point and you will see all the vapor and possible construction problems. I have some expertise in architectural study background and don't want anyone to be fooled! I reported everything to the broker and also said that I live almost opposite, and higher, and have seen all the steps from a to y because it's not finished! May be beautiful on the inside but the construction is what it is all about and that is the most expensive!
    • Linsey Vanvlasselaer (Lins) in 2022 via Google
      • + Very friendly and helpful customer service
    • Vincent Van Laere in 2022 via Google
      • - Making appointments for viewing a property goes smoothly, afterwards everything is excruciatingly slow, lax and rash. Speed ​​and insight into the seriousness in the industry in which they operate is lacking. This has not been a pleasant experience.
    • Bacardi 8 Years With Cola in 2019 via Google
      • + Top party. Good food good party afterwards
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