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Groupe L'Honneux & Fils sprl

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    Nous réalisons de nouvelles constructions à des prix concurrentiels tout en mettant en oeuvre des moyens économiques et/ou écologiques tels que le chauffage par le sol, le puits canadien et la ventilation double flux.
    Nos maisons sont parfaitement isolées et complètes au niveau de leur cahier des charges de base. NOUS VOUS INVITONS A VISITER NOTRE SITE afin d'obtenir de plus amples informations sur notre société. Vous pouvez aussi nous appeler GRATUITEMENT au 0800/99.945

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    • Patrick Denis in 2022 via Google
      • - I had earthwork done. I call for the first time to hear myself say "we will call you back". After a week of waiting, I call again and the same answer "we will call you back". Still without news after 10 days, I try again a third time and I am told "my son will contact you again" and then... Nothing! For two months now, no contact. Of course I went elsewhere! I lost considerable time in my work just because some "professionals" are not! What a lack of seriousness!
    • Thibault Wislez in 2021 via Google
      • + Excellent welcome, very friendly owners, the level of finishes is extremely high! Glitter in your eyes ????. Incomparable with a csp.
    • Isabelle in 2020 via Google
      • - Remember to ring or contact the company to be sure that your appointment is well maintained, mine has been canceled twice in a row and without warning, obviously, that would be too good!
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