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    • Tania Paulis in 2021 via Google
      • + My parents went through the Wafina agency for a purchase. They were delighted! Since then, they have been managing their property at home. Thank you to Wafina for their kindness, efficiency, professionalism :)
    • Laurent Keppers in 2020 via Google
      • - Agency to avoid! Never seen a company run so badly, no respect for people. When first making contact with them to visit a property, these dear agents no longer work after 5 p.m., and not on weekends. Suffice to say that if we work, we MUST take time off to please them to be able to visit! It is absolutely unprofessional. The visit is done with a person from the agency and this person invites 2 people interested in the apartment at the same time, same time, without asking if it bothers (it is sure that for supporters of the least effort we make that once work ...). When the files are returned to inform the owner and that we arrive at the inventory, the person from the agency charges € 100 to enter the apartment with us and have a list of equipment signed. Armed robbery! Being a surveyor-surveyor by training, my clients would be outraged if I gave them an inventory like this! When leaving the apartment, it was necessary to do the work for them again, to run after them to have the documents to recover the deposit, impossible for them to find the time to send an email which takes 2 minutes to put a attachment ! When Mrs. Thonon saw the notice that I put on Google I was treated to a very pleasant phone call coming verbally insulting me by daring to tell me that I am not able to say it in the face what I think, but coming to insult by phone is not better ... I really do not recommend this agency (if you can call it an agency ...) to any owner or tenant ...
    • Francoise Leonard in 2020 via Google
      • - Never seen such an unprofessional real estate agency. Madame Tonon even allows herself to hang up on you because this lady is overwhelmed and you shouldn't annoy her. Does not manage the files of his colleagues, brings people in and then is no longer there. In short, they really don't care about customers. 1 point is still too much.
    • Gilly Vandevelde in 2020 via Google
      • - Incompetent
    • Jocelyne Claise in 2020 via Google
      • + Very good real estate agency, attentive, good follow-up. Quick response by phone or email. I highly recommend it. Never been disappointed! For my apartments MR John it is always well taken care of!
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