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    Oximo is niet alleen een erkende traditionele vastgoedmakelaar maar ook de meest innovatieve door haar online biedingsplatform waarop panden te vinden zijn met een volledig informatiedossier, met online organisatie van kijkdagen, en met zowel een ‘vanaf’ als een ‘direct hebben’ prijs. Door het online biedingsproces kan de verkoop van vastgoed snel, flexibel, bindend, veilig en goedkoop gerealiseerd worden waar en wanneer men dat wenst. Deze vernieuwing realiseert méér voordelen voor koper én verkoper!

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    • Serge Vanhaverbeke in 2022 via Google
      • + Positive experience with Oximo when selling a property. Recommended.
    • Caroline Tack in 2022 via Google
      • + Our house was sold on the first viewing day (!) in Oudenaarde via Oximo with the professional help of Laureen. Highly recommended for sale and purchase due to its handy website, accessibility and professionalism. Moreover, Laureen is very friendly and customer-oriented. She also gave us the necessary tips for selling the house. We immediately felt at ease with her. We are extremely satisfied with Oximo's service!
    • Roeland Verschraegen in 2021 via Google
      • + Before the Corona pandemic I bought an apartment by the sea off plan. The Corona pandemic created a high demand for such apartments and the start of construction was brought forward by one year. As a result, I had to change my financing strategy and I decided to proceed with an early sale of my current home with garden, which could also count on increased interest due to the Corona pandemic. First I contacted a local 3% broker who promised a quick sale and a high sale amount. A year earlier he had already made an estimate off the cuff and this year the Corona had just added 10%. I received an official estimate from Oximo that was in between the two amounts. Thinking the 3% broker would achieve a faster sale, I first went with the 3% broker and gave them a 45 day exclusivity period with their suggested estimate as a minimum result. In 45 days they have been able to arrange only 3 visits without any formal offer. After 45 days, they proposed a sale price that was below the estimate of a year ago. I thanked them for services not rendered and contacted Oximo again. We have signed an agreement with their proposed setting price as the basis. I opted for the 1% formula because the previous 3% broker had also managed to do some minor damage during the visits, but mainly because my building is a rather technical building with its own ecological story, which I better can tell any professional broker. Ultimately, the property was sold within 45 days with a small concession to the price estimated by Oximo, but still well above the price estimated by the 3% broker of a year earlier, and certainly well above the proposed by the 3% broker. price, after failing to its initial overestimation. The price of a house is like the price of a stock. A house is only worth as much as a buyer is willing to give for it. And that price is determined by "De Markt". And no broker can do anything about that fact, whether they charge 3% for their services or 1%. 3% and thus actually 3.63% is in times when most buyers are eventually attracted by the various immo websites way too much. No 3% broker is worth that commission anymore. Calculate for yourself how much that 2.42% represents for your sale in Euro or even better in Belgian francs :-), and ask yourself how long you have to work for that, to keep that net difference. This is a free world, with a free market. Fortunately, there is Oximo, which is the first to try to break through the brokerage's "tacit price agreements" on a large scale, and as a customer you should try to take advantage of this. Correct estimate and correct service at a competitive cost price. And anyone who can calculate can benefit from it. Both buyer and seller. From my 3% broker, I especially remember the expensive cars they drive around, which are paid by you as a buyer / seller.
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