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    Stéphanie Allegaert heet u van harte welkom op de website van het dynamische vastgoedkantoor Woon! Wij staan garant voor een professionele aanpak in een eigentijds kantoor en gesteund op een jarenlange bouw -en vastgoedervaring met voortdurende bijscholing. Zowel potentiële kopers als verkopers en huurders als verhuurders, mogen van Immo Woon! verwachten dat wij hen steeds met onafhankelijk advies op maat ten dienste zijn. Vertrouwen en persoonlijke aandacht zijn daarbij de belangrijkste sleutelwoorden. Daarom houden wij de contacten liefst zo persoonlijk mogelijk. Immo Woon! is een open kantoor waar ook u welkom bent!

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    • Umair N in 2023 via Google
      • - Very unprofessional and unorganised workers, i fix a appointment at 11am location jabbeke for house to rent when we get there 15min before the appointment time we get a call 5 minute before from worker Stephanie to tell us that the landlord has selected another candidate for the house over the weekend. When i told her that this is very unprofessional of you to contact me 5min before the appointment time to tell me this she was getting annoyed and tells me if you don’t believe me you can come check my phone, silly answer from her because you already wasted my time to travel from oostende to jabbeke than she tell me to come to her and check her phone 🤦🏻‍♂️. After that situation we waited a week to see if the house was rented but it wasn’t it was still listed as available on there website. I call back different worker answered the call and tells me that yes we are taking appointments for this house. I was frustrated and i spoke to the worker that your colleague wasted our time and lied that this house is rented to someone else the worker on the phone was surprised and said no because we don’t have that many appointments booked for this property as its available from December 2023. So now i fix another appointment to view the house and this time finally someone showed up on time. After viewing the house and fulfil the formalities paperwork to apply for the residency. I call back after week to get an answer but lady said its too soon to decide as we need more candidates for the house for the landlord to make the decision can you call back next week 🤷🏻. 3 days later i get an email to say sorry the house is rented to somone else 😂. Till today if you check immo woon website the house in jabbeke is still listed as available. i mean you people at immo woon are soo unprofessional and disrespectful. I get it that it was never their intention to give me the house as i am foreigner, stop wasting people time and efforts like that and tell them sorry the landlord or we do not accept foreigners. Horrible service experience. Racist!
    • олег хомин in 2022 via Google
      • + Very good Company!!!
    • Яна Хомин in 2022 via Google
      • + Immo WOON is very nice and good company.The people are very friendly and polite.They do very good their job on a high professional level. I wish them all the best in their work! Good luck!
    • Юліан Хомин in 2022 via Google
      • + Immo WOON is very good company with nice, pleasant people. They are professionals in their job.The organization will help you to solve all the problems and arrange everything.I wish them a lot of success in their future work!
    • SHAHIN in 2022 via Google
      • + Best website to find apartment and studio.
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    • Population that is from other origin Low High
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