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    • Ivan Tanchovski in 2020 via Google
      • - Honestly disappointed. First of all, agents seem to show lack of care and attention to detail, it's as if they want to make you feel uncomfortable asking questions and just move to the part when a deal is made, without any real consideration of your needs. The agent who assisted me - Tatiana Koutcheriw, didn't provide me with sufficient information about things that were quite important such as the opportunity for domiciliation. Her responses to my inquiries were far from timely and when I went to view a studio, the owner said that the agent had probably forgotten about the meeting. Quite unprofessional in my opinion. She also sent me offers that had nothing to do with what we considered previously in terms of price. In summary, I experienced everything that I wouldn't want from a person in such position.
    • Caroline Louveaux in 2020 via Google
      • + Je fais appel à François et son équipe pour aider mes clients qui recherchent un bien! Ecoute, expertise et bons conseils sont au rendez-vous! et les clients sont super contents.. Merci
    • bertrand brabant in 2020 via Google
      • + Personne de contact très professionnelle, très bon sens du service, équipe dynamique ! À conseiller
    • Luc Rampen in 2020 via Google
      • + Depuis mon départ pour l’étranger il y a près de 15 ans, François s’occupe de la location de mon bien immobilier à Bruxelles. 15 ans de confiance et de service impeccable !! Sans lui, j’aurais vendu ma maison il y a longtemps. Avec lui, son sens commercial et sa conscience professionnelle, je sais qui si mon locataire quitte la maison, j’ai l’homme qu’il faut pour gérer la transition !
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    • Average listing price Listing price < +
    • Average rental price/bedroom < +
    • Average Realo Estimate® < +
    • Population that is single Low High
    • Average age of the population Low High
    • Population that is a big family Low High
    • Population that is higher educated Low High
    • Population that is seeking a job Low High
    • Population that is from other origin Low High
    • Average income Income Low High
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