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ESV Multisyn

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    • Gregory De Prins in 2022 via Google
      • - Very bad experience with this trustee. To avoid!
    • petitfils Mélina in 2022 via Google
      • + They are alert. Respond very quickly to emails and follow up.
    • Romain Monnet in 2022 via Google
      • + Trustee involved, intranet available, competitive rate, always available.
    • ELKE SOMMERIJNS in 2020 via Google
      • - Mulistyn was nominated by the project developer during a general meeting prior to the provisional acceptance of our building. As new residents, we did not know each other and we (unsuspectingly) accepted this proposal. After all, Multisyn introduced themselves well during this meeting, they explained to the co-owners how a VME functions, what their responsibilities and tasks are as syndic, ... During the provisional delivery of the building, several more structural problems came to light, for which we called on a structural expert to assist us. Since we were all new owners, we asked that the communication about this be done by the property manager, because we did not have each other's contact details. Multisyn took an obstructive position and prevented us from taking action against the project developer in all possible ways. It soon became clear to us that there was a serious conflict of interest: Multisyn had been awarded the pledge to manage multiple buildings from the project developer. Their commercial interest therefore prevailed. Multisyn caused us a lot of suffering, especially pursuing the interests of the project developer (for example, they did not want to pass on certification documents, clear plans, ... in preparation of the provisional delivery.) Every month they bill a large amount for a service that cannot be called a service. Mulitsyn may respond to this post and deny that this is the reality, but feel free to visit our co-ownership at 29 Leopoldstraat in Vilvoorde. Any owner can tell you more about this.
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