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De Boer & Partners - Turnhout

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    De Boer & Partners Immobiliën Groep is een dynamische organisatie die al meer dan 35 jaar actief is bij de bemiddeling van aan- en verkoop van onroerend goed, zowel in België als in Nederland. De Boer en Partners opereert vanuit Antwerpen, Brasschaat, Hoogstraten, Kalmthout, Turnhout, Schilde, Hove en Reet.

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    • Jozua 'toikin' in 2021 via Google
      • - Unfortunately I have to agree with Mrs de Vroedt, no call was made to cancel the appointment, there was no missed call, no message left... The couple in question lost 2 hours by not keeping an appointment. I called the office in Turnhout about this, and they lied to me too...would have called them to cancel the appointment, but they didn't answer (nor left a voicemail ????), but I checked the phone and never a missed call from them, ... while after their negative review here this immediately succeeded .... this is very unprofessional and very annoying, hence my comment here ... Hopefully this will be paid attention to, and this will not happen to anyone more!
    • Artur Erhan in 2021 via Google
      • + Wery good team of professionals, we are thankful for your services and your patience.
    • Maite Carrera in 2020 via Google
      • - We were correctly guided and informed of the details of the house that we wanted to rent. We sent all the required documents, and after...nothing else. Week after week, one email telling that there was no answer from the owners, and, though I tried to received a confirmation or rejection, I never received an answer. We were enthusiast of this house, it is unethic this kind of behaviour.
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