Century 21 - Atrium


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Century 21 - Atrium

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    • Amandine Bastin in 2022 via Google
      • + For our part, we are satisfied with the services of the xenrury21 framerie agency. As a young buyer we were well surrounded and especially by Mr Guillaume Boucher. thank you
    • Alessia Abraini in 2021 via Google
      • + Top real estate agency. My house was sold in a few days thanks to the presentation and the photos taken by Kristy. Several potential buyers. Maximum service, with a smile as a bonus, optimal monitoring of offers, responsiveness, exchanges, timely advice ... In short, I highly recommend.
    • Angela in 2020 via Google
      • - They schedule an appointment, and didn't show up! I had to find out that they cancelled when i was on the scheduled spot , at the scheduled time. Not even a call or sms to inform me beforehand. And they even hung up on me while i was talking. * If i got an SMS would i make and hour and a half drive from Liege to Frameries just for this appointment? Their reply is sad and pathetic.
    • Cosmin _ in 2020 via Google
      • - I gave one star because I cannot mark it with 0 or negative stars. My odyssey with this agency and Madam Liza Macaluso (which calls herself office manager) starts on 3rd of September this year. that was the day when the agency published on their site and on some other public real estate webpages (e.g. immoweb code 8913041, immovlan code VAL78765) a house for rent in Casteau, rue Etang 61. As soon as I saw it I called at their office for an appointment, the aforementioned lady told me that they have some miscommunication with the owner and I will have to wait for a while. I assume it was right because in a couple of hours the add disappeared from the public platforms. Two days later it appeared again, in the meanwhile i got to the house's location, i liked a lot the environment and more than this the fact that the house had no sign of inhabitants and seemed to be available immediately. I call them again for a meeting to see the property. I felt the lady was a little bit annoyed, she confirmed me that the house was empty and got rid of me by sending me an email with some "Fiche de candidat" in attachment. In a matter of hours I filled in all the data they requested, I also attached all the documents that I had at the moment and I wrote them again for a meeting. We were on 5th September. Well, they planned me initially on the 12th september at 14:50, one hole week later... I insisted that the time was too long and begged them to find a way to move it a bit earlier (my wife and kids, one 4 years the other 7 months, are supposed to fly to Belgium on the 21st sept and I needed to find a proper space to dwell for the quarantine). They motivated that they have a lot of requests for that property (in a couple of hours, hard to believe) and they needed more time to organize a proper visit for all the applicants and to consider at the same time the COVID-19 restrictions. I said initially, because when I tried to confirm the date and hour a bit later she told me that the agenda is full and the only available window will be at 16:20 same day. During this time I was looking for a backup and applied also my candidate file for another two houses, luckily for one of them the owner preferred me as a tenant. Finally the "judgement day" comes, I get on the place a bit earlier (with five minutes no more) and COVID-19 surprise... the agent it's not there but the guys who were planned at 16:00 (4 people) are waiting for 15 minutes already. At 16:20 sharp the agent (a guy, not the lady) appears and excuses himself for being late but the traffic was terrific. Really!!! at 16:00 on Friday in Mons??? Anyways, the first appointment had their right and priority, nothing to say here, I was next. The house already liked me from the outside, but also the interior I found it more suitable for my family (wife and 2 boys, one 4 year old and the other 7 months) than the other house. Although not perfect (it has no basement and one big bedroom is kept by the owner) I expressed my interest to the agent to rent it. The guy told me that they are still collecting the files from candidates even on that Friday, but on the next week on Moday or Tuesday, at latest Wednesday all of us will have the owner's answer. Well the days are passing by and as you could guess nothing happened neither on Monday, nor on Tuesday. So today, 16th Sep (almost two weeks from the first contact) I dare to email them and politely tell them that I will have to make a decision until Friday morning when is the due date to sign the other contract. Again the lady is on charge, and here comes the rolling stone, and I quote... "Je n’aurai malheureusement pas de nouvelles d’ici cette fin de semaine. Si un autre bien s’offre à vous, je vous conseille de le choisir." Well, from the first sentence, I cannot think otherwise that she didn't even sent the files the owner, nobody could check that, she already made her schedule until the next week. But come on, the second one is a buster... what kind of agency send you away to the competition??? Are you really living from this job? To be continued.
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