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    • Mad Amour in 2021 via Google
      • - Since January 2019, CAPSUD is our Trustee. And since then, NO AG !!! (Covid has a good back). We are mid-June 2021 and still no date set! Many beautiful promises from the manager but very little responsiveness despite the insistence of the Co-Ownership Council. The files initiated (before CAPSUD) are not followed up. The maintenance of the building is very uncertain. The list of points of attention and complaints is growing. And a very personal respect for certain legal obligations! It is not a trustee but an accounting department (you might as well go to an accountant, it's cheaper). Too bad for the staff (administrative and technical) who are nice but we expect something else from a Syndic. A word of advice, go your way.
    • Sacha Devries in 2021 via Google
      • - You are co-owners and you pay your charges. Are you looking for a trustee? Avoid Cap Sud at all costs and look elsewhere !!!!! Co-owner in an ACP in Ixelles, I lived a surreal situation with endless disappointments: Erroneous accounting with imputation errors and reversals of consumption, lack of verification of invoices, unpaid suppliers with the key entry of the account of the co-ownership by lack of reaction from the trustee after 14 months of formal notice, non-compliance with AG decisions, undeclared claims, no administrative or technical follow-up, no response to complaints or questions, etc., this list is far from being exhaustive. We had to manage the technical emergencies ourselves and find a buyer to preserve our rights and our finances. Today we have changed trustees but Cap Sud has still not transmitted the accounts. The manager insists on delaying this transfer when he claims to no longer want to take care of our condominium. Cap Sud a trustee completely in the WEST, unworthy of exercising this profession !!!! The IPI, the Order of Real Estate Agents, is expected to clean up its flock.
    • Francois-Xavier Nkouyée in 2021 via Google
      • + Agency that manages an apartment that I have just bought. Very good contact from the start, very nice staff
    • David Dubois in 2020 via Google
      • + Excellent first telephone contact for the purchase of an apartment at court saint-Michel, I hope it will succeed ... Thank you to the very professional gentleman I had on the phone.
    • Louis Humblet in 2020 via Google
      • - Very strange ... the last comment is 4 months old ... All the negative comments (and there was a lot of it) miraculously disappeared ... You understand, very dishonest agency ... Edit: What a dishonest response again ... "It's not my fault it's Google ..." Do not trust them especially, if they are ready to cheat their Google comments to improve their image, imagine what they will do with your apartment ...
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