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Bureau Godin

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    Le bureau Godin vous propose des services personnalisés:

    -Bureau d'expertise immobilière agréé
    -Agence immobilière
    -Bureau d'assurances, crédits et placements

    3 départements et 3 passions.

  • Reviews 85

    • Renaud Massart in 2022 via Google
      • + Very satisfied with Bureau Godin, friendly welcome and quality service, do not hesitate to entrust your property for sale, it will be sold very quickly.
    • Matthieu Moreni in 2022 via Google
      • + I recommend Bureau Godin for its sales services. My property was sold very quickly and at the price I wanted! Thanks to the whole team.
    • Frank LOVENS in 2022 via Google
      • + Response to the opinion of Lucabaudo1 of this 20/02/2022 I am the owner of the property which is the source of Lucabaudo1's "Acid" comment towards Agence Bureau Godin I would point out that the Bureau Godin agency that I appointed only did its job properly and simply communicated to me, in the exit inventory, signed by the 2 parties (Agency/Tenant), damage and obligations not fulfilled by the tenant at the time of leaving the rental. So I simply asked to value the restoration to the corresponding trades and I deducted these costs from the rental deposit to be returned to the outgoing tenant. My opinion is therefore very different from that of Lucabaudo1 and that is why I am intervening here, because to allow readers to form a real opinion, it is necessary to hear both parties and put things in their context. Why then, this tenant who left the premises of his own volition, did not take the trouble to restore the property to its correct condition as it was given to him at the time of rental? This dear tenant simply tried to cheat his landlord who lives abroad by not repairing the damage he has committed. It didn't work out and that's what's causing his nauseating comments. I would like to sincerely thank Agence Bureau Godin who honorably defended my interests. Unfortunately for Bureau Godin, the 2 parties (owner/tenant) being in contradiction, they could not please everyone and are here victims of collateral damage
    • Fabrice Maas in 2021 via Google
      • - To flee from the dishonest of the incompetent, Very haughty person does not know the product they are selling. Real tourists just good at pocketing the cash. If you decide to do business with make copies of everything !!! (they tried to steal € 2,500 from me). Really disappointed with this agency.
    • Mik 011 in 2021 via Google
      • - Very bad experience. Good advice, run away from this agency, even if you like a property! Very unprofessional from the start, when the real estate advisor has almost no technical information about the property for sale. Huge difficulty in getting news after sending the offer. What's more, HUGE SENSE OF DISCRIMINATION. Not rich enough for the offer to reach the owner. Sufficient real estate agent .. and apparently often faced with dissatisfaction. What astonishment !!
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