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    Wij zijn noch een klassieke sleutel-op-de-deur-firma, noch bouwpromotor. All-Bouw is in 20 jaar uitgegroeid van aannemer tot bouwfirma. Het bouwen van nieuwbouwwoningen zit dus echt in ons DNA.

    All-Bouw bouwt enkel 100% op maat. Op-maat-bouwen is een niche binnen de bouwsector. Zo onderscheidt All-Bouw zich van de vele bouwpromotoren. Hierdoor kunnen wij u het volgende bieden:

    • Ruim aanbod aan bouwgrond
    • Volledige vrijheid van ontwerp
    • Een lastenboek op maat
    • Transparantie, communicatie en overleg
    • Service en persoonlijke begeleiding voor, tijdens en na de bouwwerkzaamheden
    • Eigen vakmannen
    • 100% vrije materiaalkeuze
    • Al meer dan 20 jaar ervaring
    • Tweede generatie familiebedrijf

    Wij bouwen particuliere nieuwbouwprojecten, opbrengsteigendommen, hernieuwbouw & reconversies.

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    • Toon Cochez in 2022 via Google
      • + After a first nice introduction to All-Bouw at the BIZ fair, we came into contact with Tijl. He and his team kept us informed throughout the entire process. An absolute must for people with building plans and who are looking for a total contractor tailored to your budget!
    • Natalio De Pina in 2021 via Google
      • + ????
    • Ilse Callewaert in 2021 via Google
      • + For us, too, the collaboration with All-Bouw was top from start to finish. Top communication, top professionalism, top cooperation, top after-sales service. Highly recommended for those who want to build with peace of mind.
    • Ivan Nevejant in 2021 via Google
      • + After consulting several "construction companies", we also arrived at "All-Construction". We had not yet found the right click with the others, the more we did have that of contact 1 with "All-Bouw". The spontaneous, jovial and sense of sincerity and honesty. (Which we missed with the others). Here was the explanation as we wanted it, honest. Nothing was forced and everything was explained with both the pros and/or cons. in other words not just any sales pitch. From day 1 to now all communication by EVERY member of "All-bouw" is very smooth and friendly (which is very important to us). great team. The 5th star will (hopefully) be in after the completion of the total construction (laugh).
    • Maxim Goethals in 2020 via Google
      • + Top guidance! We are already looking forward to the further progress of the construction of our house. We have a very good feeling about the first conversations.
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